Al Futtaim Group
Al Futtaim Group

TGP are providing hospitality consultancy services for Al Futtaim to create a unique hospitality destination that will excite and inspire exploration. The space, infused with tech-driven elements, offers an array of world-class experiences from pop ups and events to socialising areas hosting experiential workshops.


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Visitors can sample the area's local luxury via community dining facilities featuring sustainability inspired green spaces and wellness activities designed for communal interaction. Uniting all these diverse offerings are five key pillars – community focus, lifestyle & experience, emotional connection, quality and detail – driving customers further into this vibrant hub of activity through meaningful messages of discovery.


As the F&B masterplanners for the project our goal is to deliver an F&B experience that meets these pillars and delivers a truly unique destination.


TGP Services:

- F&B Masterplanning

- Detailed Strategy Development

- Market Study




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