Home Bakery Kitchen
Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi
Home Bakery Kitchen
Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

Managing and delivering the pre and post contract stages of the newly developed all-day dining restaurant concept of Home Bakery


Home Bakery was born out of a natural love of baking and a passion for how the simple act of eating dessert makes people feel.

Home Bakery Kitchen is an all-day dining restaurant being constructed in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi. It covers 250 sq. m of one of the central areas of the mall to become one of the popular spots for irresistible desserts and seasonal savoury dishes.


Founder Hind Al Mulla of Home Bakery has created a solid reputation for herself and her business through her delicious desserts and seasonally crafted meals. With local ingredients, she manages to make spectacular recipes while still experimenting with new combinations, allowing her to expand her business to Home Bakery Kitchen. 


TGP International is managing the development and delivery of Home Bakery’s new concept offering new and added experience to all customers and ensuring what was envisioned by the client is brought to life, including:


 - Design Management

 - Construction Management

 - Risk Management

 - Procurement for various contractor package

 - Budget Management  

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