Gup & Shup
Gup & Shup

Gup & Shup is a new addition for the Michelin star chef, Rohit Ghai who owns and operates different brands in the UK & UAE including the award winning Kutir in Chelsea, London— truly representing Indian hospitality. 

Inspired by the Hussle and Bustle of Indian cities and the chit-chats of friends and family, Gup & Shup which literally means ‘conversation’ in English accompanies traditional Indian flavours and ingredients with contemporary techniques and global creativity. 

0_Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 14.57.39 3The flavourfully curated menu of Gup & Shup perfectly embodies the of taste of India— introducing the light-hearted culture of a community who loves to talk and always enjoys some gossip; entangled in flavours, spices and a passion for first personal and warm service. 

 Gup & Shup is a trendy and relaxed eatery that exudes the vibrant energy of India's bustling streets. The interior design seamlessly blends the use of paint and art, creating a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere. To capture the essence of Indian streets and markets, unconventional materials have been incorporated into the existing space, adding a touch of uniqueness.

The ambience strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and dynamic, with an energetic colour palette, eye-catching signage, and bespoke modern art that truly make a statement.

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