Developed for a rapidly growing market with a huge demand for world-class catering and F&B services, Bait Al Safwa Events was designed to set the standard for upscale catering in Saudi Arabia.

Building on a vast amount of experience and partnership opportunities through TGP’s industry network, this concept was an evolution of the great work already being done by our operators and partners in the region in delivering exceptional catering events. Yet, BASE also brings forward fresh new energy in its vision to deliver the very best fully customisable luxury catering events at a time when the scale and uniqueness of Saudi projects is off the charts.



The world of event catering now emphasizes customization, immersive experiences, and extremely high-quality food and beverage standards, marking a significant shift from the past's generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

To match the excitement and quality that clients and guest demand, catering must now build a holistic package that includes personalised menus, thematic presentations, and interactive elements, aiming to create memorable and engaging experiences for attendees and showcase hosts in a flattering light.

This reality is accentuated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, home to an almost endless array of world-first, one-of-a-kind, and “off-the-scale” projects, from major international events to unreal Giga projects, each requiring a new approach to F&B and catering.

These considerations were core drivers behind Bait Al Safwa’s concept development. The brand and service aim to stand out as a trusted partner crafting unique experiences that offer restaurant-quality food and an adaptable, versatile approach to service that is always conscientious and on-brand.

In addition to being conscious of global trends, the concept was developed to be deeply grounded in its local identity—building credibility as a brand that understands local tastes, traditions, and sensibilities.

Departing from the tendency to prioritize efficiency and uniformity for practicality and cost, BASE’s vision is to deliver highly customized and unique experiences. Whether providing exceptional event catering for corporate clients or government bodies, BASE’s vision is to create refined and world-class experiences.



Our design journey featured a blend of Arabic and contemporary English typography, resulting in a logo that embodies both tradition and modernity, reflecting BASE's unique ability to merge heritage with innovation.

The logo incorporates timeless Arabic calligraphy to create a sophisticated rose shape, functioning as both a logo and a pattern for brand collaterals such as embroidery on staff uniforms. This calligraphic icon is versatile and elegant, enhancing the brand's visual identity across various touchpoints.

We paired the Arabic calligraphy with a traditional serif logo, focusing on sophistication without being overly formal. The tilted "L" within "Al" adds character and personality, while the minimalist typeface and colour palette ensure the brand's quality is always at the forefront.

Importantly, the rose shape formed by the calligraphy hints at the continuous and sustainable relationships BASE maintains with its elite brand partners—a design element that also underscores its commitment to sustainability and excellence in every event it curates.



Bait Al Safwa is the chosen partner for event catering for a range of prestigious clients across Saudi Arabia. Seen as key to unlocking world-class catering experiences and a bridge to an entire world of exciting brand partnerships and venues through TGP, including the acclaimed Al Mamlaka Social Dining, BASE is a scalable, adaptable and magical provider of F&B experiences for some of the most unique and visionary projects in the Kingdom.


A special thanks to the project team who worked on Bait Al Safwa Events, Jemina Adewole, Maddy McLeary, Gabriel Murray, Mohammad Arabi.


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