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Gup & Shup

We were honoured to collaborate with acclaimed Chef Rohit Ghai to deliver Gup & Shup—a dynamic concept that pays homage to the bold and lively nature of Indian street food culture, while also celebrating the power of communal dining in bringing people together.

Drawing from Rohit’s vast experience running some of London’s most high-profile Indian restaurants, as well as operating several incredible F&B venues internationally, we were thrilled to bring forward an entirely new vision in partnership with this much-loved chef.



Winning praise for his masterful combination of traditional Indian cooking methods with contemporary innovation, Chef Rohit Ghai is a prominent figure in the London restaurant scene and a growingly recognised trend-setter in Indian cuisine globally.

Building on his reputation establishing several renowned restaurant concepts, including Micheline starred Kutir, Manthan, Aangan and Khaojee, TGP International partnered with Chef Rohit to create a highly concept-focused restaurant that was fresh, energetic and impactful.

Set to launch at Expo City Dubai (ECD), amidst a diverse range of F&B venues and home to some of the world’s biggest events such as COP28, our goal was to craft a concept that authentically showcased Indian cuisine and appealed to a highly international audience.

Our aim was also to create a social hub within this blossoming new urban development, aligning with the city’s long-term vision of fostering community and social cohesion.



"Gupshup" a phrase deeply rooted in Indian culture and synonymous with 'chit chat' in English, encapsulates what this special venue is all about.

Inspired by the thriving mosaic of eateries found across all of India from Punjab to Mumbai, Gup & Shup is a concept that celebrates the wild and wonderful world of Indian street food and the lively conversations that take place throughout casual dining venues across the country.

Whether among friends, family or colleagues, Gup & Shup is a space to unwind and relax, removed from the hustle and bustle while still tapping into the energy of daily interactions. A place where warm service, mouth-watering spices, and plentiful servings accompany light-hearted conversation.

Gup & Shup is a space to chat, gossip, laugh, and celebrate with others—somewhere to escape from the chaos of daily life, surrounding by good company.

Embracing the modern and diverse, as well as respecting tradition and heritage, Gup & Shup is a space to chat, gossip, laugh, and celebrate with others—somewhere to escape from the chaos of daily life, surrounded by good company.

To reinforce the ethos of connection and togetherness, the concept emphasises the same warmth and hospitality found in India's bustling streets, where visitors are greeted with genuine warmth upon entering the restaurant's doors, transitioning from the inherent hubbub and flurry of city life into a welcoming and generous environment.


Equally central to this concept is the role of the street corner food vendor, collectively embodying a timeless presence and serving as institutions in their own regard. These charismatic and welcoming individuals imbue beloved restaurants with a sense of permanence and historical layering, creating a sense of continuity and nostalgia among guests.

With this in mind, Gup & Shup highlights the importance of staff in shaping the guest experience, balancing familiarity with professionalism and cultivating a relaxed and comfortable environment ideal for engaging conversations and socialising.

At its centre, Gup & Shup is a concept that combines relaxed charm with lively energy, reflecting the heart of Indian hospitality.



To translate this concept into a cohesive brand identity, our team crafted a strategy that accentuates dynamism and urban vibrancy.

Through a vibrant colour palette inspired by traditional Indian packaging and the naturally rich hues of spices; eye-catching signage; and, unique modern artwork adorning the restaurant’s walls, Gup & Shup's brand world encapsulates the contemporary and spirited essence of Indian urban life.

Drawing inspiration from Mumbai's prevalent Art Deco style, typography showcases meticulous attention to detail, with the curved ‘G’ and ‘P’ of the restaurant’s unique name, ‘Gup & Shup’ mirroring each other.

Similarly, the hook of the ampersand is mirrored in the apex of the S from ‘Shup’, creating a sense of harmony, balance, and visual cohesion within the design, as well as drawing the viewer's eye smoothly across the lettering.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of key line and drop shadow stylisation offers a modern twist on iconic Indian food labels, further enhancing the brand's urban personality.

Gup & Shup’s brand identity seeks to align seamlessly with the venues unique blend of authentic Indian street food and contemporary flair. Whether experienced within the restaurant's walls itself or via digital platforms, we aimed to create a brand that evokes a sense of energy and vibrancy, finding the perfect harmony between urban sophistication and the timeless authenticity of traditional Indian street food.



Urban flair, graffiti-style art and modern artwork are key elements of Gup & Shup's interior design. Incorporating the vivacity of Indian street culture, the venue showcases a diverse range of motifs and styles, blending tradition with contemporary influences to evoke the dynamic atmosphere of the modern cityscape and acknowledging the accumulation of varied subject matters and styles over time.

Embracing a light touch approach, the design team focused on utilising paint and art as primary mediums to transform the space, infusing it with warmth and modernity. Through imagery, Gup & Shup portrays vibrant scenes of animated discussions and urban iconography, complemented by floral motifs, wildlife and ornamental details that elevate the visual aesthetic, imbuing the space with fun and liveliness.

Layering served as a fundamental strategy in capturing the authentic rawness of Indian cities like Mumbai. By incorporating eclectic bric-a-brac and weaving together diverse elements, we aimed to evoke a profound sense of history and nostalgia, characteristic of cities undergoing rapid evolution.

We took advantage of the existing physical structure of the venue, identifying key areas for artwork and murals. And through incorporating these bespoke illustrated graphics, we achieved a cohesive thread of creativity that spans the space, adorning its walls as well as above the heads of diners.


What we achieved is a bustling social destination where guests are invited to partake in lively conversations and share memorable moments over a diverse menu that celebrates a diverse range of Indian delicacies.

Traditional Indian flavours are reimagined with a modern flair and presented using the kind of innovation and creativity Chef Rohit Ghai is famous for.

Gup & Shup has become a beloved choice for families in Expo City Dubai, while also serving as a prominent venue for major events like the popular Brunch City. Ideal for hosting social gatherings for a varied audience, this restaurant truly comes alive with live music, entertainment, and large crowds of happy diners.


A special thanks to the project team who worked on Gup & Shup: Florentina Tsakiri, Gabriel Murray, Maddy McLeary, Jemina Adewole, Jenine Bedua, and Dominika Krol. 

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