IHG Rabat
IHG Rabat

Nestled within Rabat’s prestigious diplomatic district, the forthcoming InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is poised to become a canvas for culinary exploration—following TGP International's appointment to develop multiple concepts for this 5-star luxury hotel venue.

As well as bolstering the hotel group's impressive portfolio of hotel and F&B concepts, we were tasked with introducing four fresh and distinct F&B experiences that would add real value to Rabat’s food scene.

Crafting Unique Yet Connected Concepts

Creating multiple concepts that possess distinct personalities, while seamlessly blending with a broader ecosystem of venue offerings, is a task both challenging and gratifying.

In collaboration with Dex Squared and IHG, the global hospitality powerhouse with a portfolio of over 6,000 hotels worldwide, our goal was to elevate the upcoming hotel into a premium food destination through a brand-new collection of on-site F&B spaces along with positioning it as a hotspot for dining in Rabat.

During concept development, one of our primary goals was to construct experiences that transcended individual physical spaces and dining areas; aiming to craft a holistic guest journey for everyone passing through this key Moroccan gateway.

1. The Merchant’s Brasserie

At the heart of the hotel's offerings, the Merchant’s Brasserie pays homage to the cherished comforts of France, resonating with the countless travellers and merchants who have graced the city for generations. Going beyond its authentic Parisian ambiance, this brasserie strives to effortlessly combine the flavours of both French and Moroccan cuisines—maintaining the highest standards of dining.

Built into the design is the knowledge that this space needed to play a pivotal role as a social hub for business people and delegates throughout the day. Designed for diverse activities spanning from early mornings to late evenings, the space demanded versatility.

To achieve this, we curated a lavish palette of rich colours and materials, drawing inspiration from French eclecticism and the compelling narrative of the traveling merchant and infusing it with hints of Moroccan design. Attention to adaptable lighting and shading was considered, creating an inviting yet exclusive atmosphere for all manner of conversations and gatherings.

Consequently, the venue concept is designed to transition from serene alfresco breakfasts to lively evening gatherings, solidifying its status as Rabat's sought-after destination for all-day dining, entertainment, private one-to-ones and post-work drinks.

2. The Lobby Lounge

The Lobby Lounge seamlessly extends the Tea Merchant’s Journey from the French Brasserie. Drawing inspiration from the traditional French patisseries of the Merchant’s homeland, this lounge is dedicated to exquisite cakes, pastries, and sweets hailing from both France and Morocco.

Inspired by the welcoming ambiance of warm French salons, the space’s design elements have been curated to offer a tranquil setting for relaxation, work, or intimate gatherings. Its serene atmosphere is enhanced by earthy tones and a nature-inspired colour palette.

Here, guests can savour the finest French espresso and Moroccan mint tea in Rabat, alongside personalised salads and sandwiches crafted from top-tier ingredients, all served with a selection of freshly baked breads.

Featuring a rustic and muted palette that contribute to a laid-back yet elegant atmosphere, the design, and a 24-hour menu, establishes the perfect setting to unwind, complete tasks, or host clients, friends, and colleagues alike.

3. A Slice of Sicily 

A Slice of Sicily, our specialty restaurant, transports guests to the vibrant villages and lush pastures of Sicily. Beyond delivering a remarkable culinary experience, the design of this exclusive and refined space draws inspiration from Sicilian flora and fauna.

Enriched by a fresh colour palette and a fusion of materials, we wanted to create an ambiance that exudes sophistication with a touch of playfulness. The open kitchen featuring a Crudo bar introduces this theatrical element, showcasing fresh produce and serving as a dynamic preparation area.

We believe the unique, elegant, and modern design of the space is accentuated by a vibrant colour palette and a thoughtful combination of materials,

Also, embracing a farm-to-table philosophy, the restaurant emphasises responsibly sourcing, with a menu concept designed to offer intricately crafted dishes made from the finest and most authentic ingredients from the region. The experience is heightened with a delightful terrace featuring a pizza oven, offering a Sicilian touch to the menu, and, tying together much of this concept is the simple yet powerful Sicilian lemon, bringing notes of vibrancy and freshness into the space.

4. The Ambassador Cigar Lounge

Located discreetly in the heart of the hotel, The Ambassador Cigar Lounge is a true hidden gem, offering an exclusive haven for guests to engage in high-stakes discussions in style, with each table designed to offer guest privacy and intimacy.

The warmly inviting environment brought forward in this F&B concept is adorned with a range of sophisticated materials like velvet and marble—complemented by a dark colour palette to create a sense of seclusion.

As well as internationally influenced light bites, the lounge itself features a distinctive drinks menu of spirits, including exquisite rums, whiskies, and brandies sourced globally. The decadent table side trolley service has also been designed to enhance the patron's journey, delivering a personalised and immersive experience. And adding to the allure, the ambiance is enveloped in an air of secrecy, boasting a hidden door, discreet corners, and a spirit locker for an added element of exclusivity. 

The End Result

This project presented a distinctive challenge for TGP, requiring the harmonious integration of all four concepts.

To achieve this, our focus was on ensuring that each concept retained a clear identity and purpose throughout the day, offering ample versatility for guests to seamlessly transition between these spaces.

Our objective was not only to enhance the experiences of travellers staying at the hotel but also to contribute to the broader city by providing diners with an opportunity to indulge in the finest food and beverage offerings.

The outcome was the development of four exceptional concepts, each working together harmoniously yet telling their own special story to Rabat's discerning population as well as travellers from across the globe. 

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