Dubai Eye in Conversation with Simon Wright: the Culinary Visionary of Expo City

Dubai Eye

In a recent interview on Dubai Eye, Simon Wright, the Founder & Chairman at TGP International, the lead F&B consultants for Expo City, revealed the vibrant and sustainable culinary scene emerging at Expo City. The focus on sustainability isn't just a trend but a core pillar driving every aspect of the Expo City food experience. Simon, who previously led F&B for Expo 2020, highlighted the commitment to sustainable practices, food safety, and security. During the conversation, Simon detailed the culinary wonders that Expo City promises, where local favourites meet international flair in a symphony of flavours. 

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Sustainable Sips and Bites: Expo City's Culinary Compass 

Simon painted a vivid picture of sustainability at Expo City—it's a way of life. The chefs, handpicked for their eco-conscious ethos, are crafting culinary delights served in eco-friendly packaging. But it's not a solo act; Simon emphasized the collective effort within the F&B community, rallying behind local farmers and championing a sustainable supply chain. 


A Symphony of Flavors: Culinary Crescendo at Expo City 

Expo City isn't just about eating; it's a gastronomic experience. As Simon cheerfully shared, you can expect everything from local gems like Reform& Social Grill and Bistro Des Arts to sweet indulgences like Floozie Cookies. The line-up is extensive, including international sensations like Chef Tommy from Baron and Michelin-starred Chef Rohit Ghai, bringing an exciting global vibe. The mission? Accessibility, ensuring there's a culinary adventure awaiting every palate. 

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Beyond Work and Home: Expo City's Foodie Haven 

As Expo City evolves, it's stepping into the spotlight as more than a residential and office space—it's becoming a culinary hub. Simon gleefully spilled the beans on the 28 distinctive F&B offerings. The mix is carefully curated, promising to draw both residents and visitors into a delectable tapestry of local and global flavours. 


Sustainability in the Spotlight: Challenges and Triumphs 

In the buzzing world of F&B, sustainability poses challenges, and Expo City is tackling them head-on. Simon shared the collective spirit at play —F&B comrades working together for eco-friendly practices, sourcing local, and building a supportive network. It's not just about serving good food; it's about shaping a sustainable culinary ecosystem. 


Simon's Culinary Prelude: A Taste of What's to Come 

As the conversation concluded, it was evident that Expo City, under the culinary baton of Simon Wright, is poised to redefine Dubai's food narrative. Sustainability meets innovation in a conversation that is as delicious as the offerings themselves. Stay tuned for the unfolding culinary symphony at Expo City, Dubai, where every bite tells a story. 

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