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Having recently appeared on Euronews to discuss TGP International's commitment to to supporting the global sustainability agenda, we sat down and spoke to our Food Safety & Sustainability Manager, Faida.

What are the biggest challenges when it comes to sustainability
within the hospitality industry? .Faida New

"Sustainability within the hospitality industry faces several significant challenges which I think split into 5 key areas. Firstly, there is the industry's heavy reliance on natural resources, leading to high energy consumption and waste generation. Secondly, there is sourcing local, organic, and ethically produced goods. Thirdly we have reducing single-use plastics and food waste."

"Followed by this is education and labour. Educating and changing guest behaviour, encouraging them to participate in sustainability initiatives.  There are also major labour shortages across the industry that are having an impact on delivering sustainable businesses with lack of training and increased labour costs."
"At TGP International, we’re collaborating with various stakeholders, including suppliers, local communities, and government bodies to ensure that we’re not only implementing sustainable practices; but also effectively communicating these initiatives to an informed and environmentally conscious clientele".


Why will this years’ COP28 stand out from previous editions?

"As part of the sustainability strategy, COP28 UAE is striving to deliver a carbon neutral, sustainable event, certified to International Standards for Event Sustainability Management Systems (ISO20121:2012).  In addition to setting a set of challenging KPI as part of their sustainable Catering Strategy.  These are designed to help shift our mindsets to understanding the impact our F&B choices have on the climate.
In alignment with the values and KPIs, TGP International is committed to finding the right sustainable suppliers, and the right mix of food vendors that are capable of providing environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, delicious, and nutritious food and beverages. We're also committed to minimising packaging impact by working with earth shot prize winner NOTPLA. Alongside this, we've designed our menu offering to be mostly two thirds' vegan/vegetarian and plant based by collaborating with world renowned chefs.
We will showcase the attendees and delegates that this event will set the standards for all future COPs and hope that the legacy and positive impact will be passed on." 


What is the role of restaurants in supporting the Global Sustainability Agenda?

"In an era where food production and consumption have significant ecological footprints, restaurants can serve as powerful agents of change by influencing and shaping consumer choices, promoting sustainable practices, fostering awareness of environmental and ethical issues and embracing sustainable food preparation and waste reduction measures.

As well as environmental factors, the hospitality industry can play a pivotal role within society, supporting with education, training and providing jobs and new skills to allow individuals to have lifelong careers in hospitality. 
Equally important is the role of restaurants in educating guests about the importance of sustainable dining choices, inspiring individuals to make eco-conscious decisions when dining out and providing them with the right information about their food.

TGP International is leading the way in sustainable culinary practices and ensuring restaurants contribute to a more environmentally responsible and socially conscious." 

Read more on the food and beverage offering at COP28 Expo City Dubai here.

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