Doughnation Pizza was created to serve the most delicious artisanal pizzas imaginable while also making a meaningful difference to the world.

Inspired by the much-loved craft of artisanal pizza-making, using traditional, high-quality ingredients and techniques, the concept marries global appeal with a passion to do good. Through the “doughnation” of a slice of each pizza sale, the initiative gathers resources to fund a range of purposeful causes close to the brand’s heart.

Welcoming the team into our incubation centre in Covent Garden, London, TGP was proud to partner with Doughnation Pizza in collaboration with Game Changers International—offering early-stage guidance and support to this exciting new enterprise.


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Doughnation Pizza is the latest addition to 3 Henrietta Street as part of its incubator hub where a range of promising chef-led concepts are given the chance to enter the market, drive sustainable profitability and scale, all with the support of industry specialists in F&B design, strategy and operations.

Inhabiting 96 Sq. foot site on the ground floor of this iconic hub for F&B innovation, Doughnation Pizza has joined the likes of Pivot Bar & Bistro and Hawaiian street food restaurant El Ta’koy. 

TGP was tasked with developing the brand's F&B concept and supporting operational set-up and management—launching a fun new brand in a diverse and vibrant London location, complete with al fresco terrace on Covent Garden’s famous piazza.

The challenge was to take something as classic and timeliness as artisanal pizza and imbue it with something fresh and exciting, catering to the changing tastes and preferences of modern diners, from local residents to the huge volume of international visitors who pass through one of the most frequented parts of the city, renowned for its bustling atmosphere, diverse range of shops, restaurants, bars, theatres, and cultural attractions.


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We designed the Doughnation Pizza concept to be simple yet powerful: built to offer an affordable and quality-driven pizza quick service experience with a mission to make a difference.

Amidst a packed urban thoroughfare with plentiful dining and F&B options, we wanted this brand to have enough punch and boldness to catch people’s attention, as well as leave a lasting impression on its guests.

Our strategy involved curating an impactful brand concept that was striking and energetic, with vibrant colours and stylized packaging, bringing forward clean modern aesthetics with minimal fuss.

Given the high volume of great pizza brands in London, ranging from up market Italian pizzerias to grab-and-go venues, we wanted to instil a distinctly modern and fun vibe through Doughnation’s interior and exterior dining spaces, a place for sharing, mixing, and relaxing over delicious pizzas and incredible signature cocktails.

The menu was developed to blend classic and meticulously sourced artisanal ingredients with unique toppings and modern twists, while the drinks menu was curated to cater to spontaneous moments of indulgence through spritz and fizz variations, milkshakes, and the must-have D-Nation Espresso Martini.

Similarly, in our approach to branding and design elements, we sought to bring forward a look and feel that remained playful, humble and honest—ensuring that focus is placed on supporting the brand's causes. 



A special thanks to the project team Joanna Varettas, Jemina Adewole, Dominika Krol and Gabriel Murray.

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