Mosaic Ramallah
Mosaic Ramallah

In the bustling capital city of Ramallah, Palestine, TGP had the pleasure of working on a brand-new F&B concept within the walls of the Millennium Hotel.

Entrusted with the project by Dex Squared Hospitality, our goal was to develop an ambitious concept that would offer significance in the local culinary scene while still being rooted in regional authenticity and respect for Levantine food culture.

What came of this process was ‘Mosaic’ – a contemporary Levantine restaurant with a modern Armenian twist.

Balancing Tradition with Innovation

Just as valid as the desire to innovate and experiment is the need to ensure that restaurants, or other hospitality venues, are respectful of the social and historical context that they exist within.

When tasked with developing the concept for a new restaurant in Ramallah, our team framed many of its key advisory decisions with the intention to balance tradition and innovation—looking for ways to offer something that was distinct and impactful while also honouring the deep history of Levantine culinary culture.

What Inspired Mosaic?

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At the heart of Mosaic lies the concept of the mosaic itself—not just a decorative pattern but a captivating art form that intricately assembles coloured stones or other materials, creating a visually stunning and symbolic representation of cultural unity and creativity.

This concept allowed us to draw extensively on regional culture while also giving us scope to introduce contemporary flare and innovation, such as a modern Armenian twist to create a fusion of exciting elements that would result in a distinct culinary experience.

Ultimately, this unique culinary venture became about piecing together not only flavours and dishes but also the rich cultural tapestry of the Levantine.

Designing Mosaic

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With an aim to strike balance, where tradition meets modernity, we advised our clients on a space and layout that would offer appeal to both local diners and international visitors.

Divided into three distinct spaces, Mosaic is organised in such a way to cater to different functions and preferences, with the primary dining area offering a warm and welcoming hub for groups both large and small with carefully curated design elements that pay homage to the region's history of warm hospitality and sharing.

The second space was created to offer more relaxed comfort where patrons could unwind and converse in a less formal setting, with comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and subtle Levantine-inspired design elements that contribute to a casual yet sophisticated ambience for socialising, enjoying drinks, and indulging in the eclectic flavours of Mosaic.

Finally, the venue’s third space, an outdoor terrace, allows guests to take in the city and natural surroundings around them while dining. Adorned with carefully chosen materials and colours inspired by Levantine aesthetics that complement the local environment, we wanted to create an al fresco dining experience that allows guests to appreciate the locality.

The Culinary Experience


Mosaic's food and drinks menu is a carefully crafted fusion of Levantine and Armenian cuisines, incorporating classic herb and spice combinations that result in a myriad of classic flavours.

In our concept outline, TGP placed an emphasis on nutritious and wholesome food, ensuring that each dish offers broad appeal to diners of all generations. And the complement the wide-ranging menu, Mosaic boasts a carefully curated drinks list, which includes a selection of exciting wines sourced from the region, offering patrons a chance to explore the rich viticulture of the Levant.

Also, house cocktails, infused with the very same aromatic ingredients used in the kitchen, provide a harmonious pairing with the distinctive flavours of the cuisine.

Beyond this, we also proposed close integration with the Ramallah community and actively engaging with local farmers and suppliers to contribute to the sustainability and growth of the regional economy.

The End Result


What we think we achieved with the Mosaic concept at the Ramallah Millennium Hotel was a weaving together of the threads of Levantine and Armenian traditions, while offering a unique and sophisticated experience for the discerning diners of Ramallah.

Located in such a fascinating and important gateway, we believe the concept offers locals and travellers alike a meeting point for coming together, sharing stories, and celebrating the incredible food culture of the region.

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