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At TGP International, we are honored to have played a part in shaping the innovative concept behind PXB Dubai. Serving as strategic advisors, TGP's role was crucial in the inception of PXB, a wellness-oriented F&B outlet dedicated to sustainability. From offering insights on interior  design to shaping brand identity and crafting an impactful marketing strategy, the involvement reflects a shared commitment to PXB's vision.

PXB Plant-Based Middle East is driven by a distinct mission—to promote a plant-based lifestyle in the Middle East, enhancing both public health and sustainability. Under the leadership of the renowned plant-based entrepreneur, Loui Blake, PXB's initiative revolves around education, activation, and the delivery of exceptional plant-based cuisine.  

Taking a holistic approach, PXB's concept unfolds across various floors, housing unique spaces like the PXB Café, Studio, and Rooftop. Celebrating the best of nature, from outstanding plant-based cuisine to earth-inspired interiors and design.

PXB Café 

Visitors can explore the PXB Café on the ground floor—an inviting all-day spot offering fresh and vibrant cuisine for all. The objective is to make plant-based delights accessible through delicious and natural bowls, salads, and bites. The menu, predominantly plant-based, emphasizes fresh and wholesome ingredients, with optional additions of sustainable and organic meats, seafood, and cheeses. PXB's coffee program, in collaboration with sustainable coffee growers Q Coffee, complements their grab & go offerings, making it the ideal pit-stop for local office workers.  


PXB Studio

Ascend to the first floor, where PXB Studio awaits—an extraordinary space devoted to learning, activation, and immersive experiences. Gather for regular talks and demonstrations by leaders in sustainability and the plant-based realm. PXB Studio also serves as an academy and training area, fostering community engagement and knowledge exchange. 

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PXB Rooftop

Visitors can elevate their experience further from morning yoga to sunset sessions on the PXB Rooftop—a meticulously designed lounge space tailored for events, activations, and fostering connections among like-minded individuals. Embrace the serenity in this rooftop oasis, adorned with natural tones and materials that create a harmonious ambiance. Indulge in a delightful selection of light bites from the rooftop bar, where fresh juices, cold-brew teas, and healthy mocktails await.  

Discover the multifaceted offerings of PXB across its Café, Studio, and Rooftop—each space contributing to a holistic and enriching plant-based experience.  

TGP Services:

- Concept Development

- Interior Design

- Advisory

- Brand Curation

- Marketing Strategy & Planning

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