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Question Coffee

TGP International is thrilled to be part of the noteworthy collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Sustainable Growers, particularly in contributing to the establishment of the new Q-Coffee outlet at Expo City Dubai. This project aligns seamlessly with TGP's commitment to fostering innovative and socially responsible projects in the hospitality industry. 

Since 2013, Bloomberg Philanthropies has been at the forefront of innovative initiatives to uplift coffee farmers and producers, fostering their journey through the coffee value chain. Through sustained investments, these efforts have culminated in a strategic partnership with Sustainable Growers, the driving force behind Question Coffee Cafe & Roastery—a social enterprise—along with the Coffee Training Academy. 

Q Coffee

At the nexus of this collaboration is a commitment to empower women farmers, fostering economic independence that extends to their families. By choosing Question Coffee, you actively contribute to this noble cause, supporting the production of high-quality products while championing the financial autonomy of over 724,000 women and positively impacting the lives of 2.8 million children. 

Amidst the looming challenges posed by climate change, which directly threatens the sustainability of coffee cultivation and the livelihoods dependent on this sector, the work undertaken by Question Coffee becomes increasingly pivotal. Their focus on cultivating more climate-resistant crops attests to a proactive stance in securing the future of coffee farming communities. 

Q Coffee Desserts

TGP International is humbled to share the success of the newly opened Q-Coffee outlet at Expo City Dubai during COP28. Witnessing a significant turnout, the outlet served 6,485 restaurant covers, with 1,852 Lattes, 1,493 Americanos, and 1,266 Cappuccinos enjoyed by visitors in the Red Zone. This positive response underscores the outlet's appeal to COP28 attendees, reflecting the collaborative effort and thoughtful concept development. 

TGP’s involvement extended beyond the typical scope, encompassing a comprehensive market study, advisory services, and concept development. While our collaboration commenced at the stage of the new outlet, TGP's strategic contributions added a distinctive touch to the concept, aligning it seamlessly with the ethos of Question Coffee and enhancing its resonance within the vibrant Expo City Dubai. 

TGP Service:

  • Market Study
  • Advisory
  • Concept Development
  • Pre-opening Support

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