Seed & Bloom
Seed & Bloom

A café to plant the seeds for growth—for learning, meeting and socialising. Seed & Bloom was designed to transcend the traditional cafe experience, blossoming into a nurturing space for connection and community engagement.

TGP International proudly partnered with Seed & Bloom's founder to bring this vision to life, ensuring concept, design, and activation all reflected a commitment to authenticity, craftsmanship and providing genuine benefit to the local community.


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Coffee shops, bakeries, and other social gathering spaces are vital for community cohesion.

Serving as places where people from diverse backgrounds can come together, they are neutral ground where people can meet and form important relationships, helping them to feel connected with where they live.

This was a guiding principle for Seed & Bloom, combined with a shared understanding of the power that community cafés have when it comes to knitting together the social fabric of newly developed urban areas.

We set out to deliver something that would strengthen people’s bonds with those around them, as well as with nature itself.

Imagined from the very beginning as a venue that would encourage discovery among its guests, our goal was to bring forward a space that offered more than just great products and aesthetic appeal. We set out to deliver something that would strengthen people’s bonds with those around them and encourage a deeper awareness of local flora.

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To do this, the project was framed by a conscientious understanding of the local environment, both in terms of the area’s diverse population within a blossoming development in Abu Dhabi—bringing together a diverse blend of ages, cultures and backgrounds—but also of the native flora to the surrounding area, including the inspirational desert hyacinth.


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At the heart of this project’s conception lay the ethos of "Seed to Bloom" emphasising the journey from inception to fruition.

Inspired by nature's simplicity and the transformative power of artisanal craftsmanship, Seed & Bloom emerged as an immersive experience where people could visit and leave with something more than they came with, from newly acquired knowledge and skills, to a greater sense of community.

Baked into the core concept was a focus on collective involvement. A dynamic and flexible space was envisioned to accommodate various activities such as educational talks and other people-led events, including bakery classes, ceramics workshops, flower arrangement, candle making and more.

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With an emphasis on natural and local elements, the concept was designed to cater to a range of ages and skill levels, championing inclusion and diversity. Sustainability was also an important theme in Seed & Bloom’s concept, permeating several aspects of the brand and final venue, from design to operations.

While high quality artisanal products would form the backbone of the café’s food offerings, collaboration with local artisans, trainers, and creators emerged as a cornerstone in ensuring the venue's long-term relevance.

At the heart of this project’s conception lay the ethos of "Seed to Bloom" emphasising the journey from inception to fruition.

By tapping into the talent and expertise within the community, we curated a concept that offers up a vibrant and exciting space that would also foster profitability for the community itself. We believed this approach would offer unique opportunities for sharing skills and expertise, enriching the venue’s value for all involved.


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Taking cues from the inspirational desert hyacinth's vibrant palette, Seed & Bloom's interior design scheme seamlessly blends tonal yellows with natural, raw, and refined materials. Throughout the space, botanical motifs and tactile elements serve as visual reminders of the journey from raw to refined, adding depth and texture to the ambiance.

Harmonising with the location’s existing greenery and terrace we sought to establish a stronger connection to the space’s surroundings, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a tranquil environment. Meanwhile, the inclusion of strategic retail spaces was designed to showcase locally sourced goods, such as candles, and artisanal gifts, reinforcing the cafe's commitment to community engagement and support.

Furthermore, sustainability remained a focus with the integration of eco-friendly materials where possible, such as mycelium wall and ceiling panels, clay plaster, recycled paper tabletops, natural floral panels, and a number of low VOC and healthy air materials throughout.

The talent of local builders and joiners was showcased through their transformation of raw materials into diverse textures and appearances within the space, emphasising the transformative power of skilled expertise in crafting natural materials.

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Other guiding principles for Seed & Bloom's interior design included:

- Craftsmanship

- Locality

- Dynamism

In essence, our aim for the space was to honour craft and its intricate processes. We highlighted the craftsmanship of local retailers, showcased the artistry of skilled bakers with a clear view into the bakery, envisioned a space for interactive workshops that encouraged playful exploration of processes, and developed a concept that fosters a sense of community engagement through collaboration.


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To make the brand’s key values of inclusivity, flexibility and sustainably really shine, a strong brand identity was highly important from the outset—as well as the ability of the brand to create a visceral reaction among guests that was tangible and direct.

Both through its visual manifestation and its metaphorical meaning “Seed & Bloom” was conceptualised as a warm and inviting space for people to learn, socialise and build connections with others.

Seed & Bloom's brand communication prioritises warmth, inclusivity, and authenticity, reflecting its commitment to fostering a sense of belonging within the community. Whether through in-store interactions or social media activities, the brand's tone of voice is friendly, inviting, and akin with its welcoming personality.

Whether through in-store interactions or social media activities, the brand's tone of voice is friendly, inviting, and akin with its welcoming personality.

Simple yet powerful motifs such as “breaking bread” or “bloom” are genuine ways for the brand to communicate with its guests through language and meaning that is relatable and inspired by naturally beautiful and meaningful processes.

Through brand communications, Seed & Bloom reveres the essence of growth and beauty of flora, echoing not only through the venue but also through interaction with customers in the digital world—enticing people to step through its doors into a real and blossoming community where all are welcome.


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Seed & Bloom is set to open in June 2024, bringing forward the next phase in the brand’s incredible journey and allowing the local community to witness what has been built for them. A hub for sharing, discovery and connection.

Encompassing all of TGP’s 360° services it was a pleasure to work on Seed & Bloom from concept, naming, and brand development right through to interior design and overseeing its build and pre-opening strategy.

We believe Seed & Bloom’s diverse offerings, inviting ambiance, and commitment to inclusivity is an important addition to Abu Dhabi’s F&B landscape, inviting visitors to savour not only delicious artisanal products but also forge meaningful connections and partake in shared experiences, truly embodying the essence of community dining.


A special thanks to the project team who worked on Seed & Bloom: Joanna Varettas, Jemina Adewole, Gabriel Murray, Raquel Camino and Ryan Waddell. 

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