Seed & Bloom
Seed & Bloom

TGP International proudly welcomes Seed & Bloom bakery. TGP worked with the founder to bring their vision to life, creating this unique concept. With its inspiration taken from the beauty of nature, Seed & Bloom is a bakery that celebrates growth and the power of flora. Their commitment to using traditional baking techniques means that every aspect of their creations, from the carefully curated ingredients to the meticulous attention to detail, results in some of the most delicious baked goods around.

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Seed & Bloom enables the visitors to embark on a journey from raw to refined, where hands of artisans and bakers transform natural materials into culinary masterpieces. Through a play of contrast, tactility and botanical-inspired palettes, TGP's involvement within its design language narrates the tale of craftsmanship, offering a dynamic and engaging space within the community.

In addition to their mouth-watering menu offerings, Seed & Bloom also serves as a community hub, bringing together local artisans and fostering collaboration. Whether one is looking for a place to learn, meet, or simply socialise, this community café has everything one needs. For the interiors we've taken inspiration from the concepts locally inspired botanical palette, create an inviting and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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In homage to its surroundings, Seed & Bloom draws inspiration from the blooming nature, incorporating elements like 'Blooming' technique in bakery - an essential in creating people's favourite baked goods. With the assistance of TGP International, Seed & Bloom has curated a concept that reveres the essence of growth and beauty of flora, echoing not only in the ambiance but also ingrained in the choice of ingredients. Each element is thoughtfully selected, adhering faithfully to time-honored baking techniques. 

This project encompasses all our 360-services. TGP International has developed everything from the concept, the naming, the positioning, logo and graphic design, interior design, and oversaw the build with construction project management through to pre-opening.

Seed and Bloom will be more than just a café - it's a space for learning, meeting and socialising. The concept focuses on community collaborations with local artisans, aiming to plant metaphorical seeds in the community through sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives. Our team at TGP has been working closely with the client to ensure that the design and concept development reflect this ethos. 

TGP Services:

- Concept Creation 

- Interior Design 

- Branding & Logo Design

- Uniform Direction

- Menu Curation

- Construction Project Management 


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