In the heart of Riyadh's iconic Kingdom Centre, Al Mamlaka Social Dining stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s innovative spirit and the considerable change taking place across the nation’s transforming F&B scene.

Launched in September 2023, after nearly three years of meticulous conceptualising, planning and development, we’ve seen this unique venue experience the kind of reception we only dreamed of at the outset—receiving a huge amount of positive sentiment from locals and international visitors alike.

A true destination for dining, mixing and socialising—the likes of which have not been seen before in Riyadh—we’re pleased that Al Mamlaka Social Dining has become the new gold standard for food hall development in the region and beyond and are proud of the accolades it has alreadyreceived.

So, as one of the most impactful projects the TGP team have had the opportunity to work on, here’s a look at what makes this venue such a special one!


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For those who have never visited Riyadh, the Kingdom Centre is probably the most iconic building in the entire city, a symbol of architectural prowess and urban grandeur.

After early-stage discussions with stakeholders about the venue’s overarching goals and requirements, TGP set out to create and operate a food hall within the mall—something that would match the reputation of such an acclaimed venue, but also put forward something different and exciting.

Far more than just a traditional food court, we wanted Al Mamlaka to be a destination people would travel to visit, whether from other parts of Saudi Arabia or further afield.

To match the city’s importance as a central piece in Saudi Vision 2030, the venue needed to have an appeal that extended across demographics, providing a truly social hub for dining, meeting and connecting. A new kind of dining hall.



As the creative process unfolded, the concept of ‘Rustic Elegance’ is what gave the team its initial direction, providing an overarching narrative that would help us to make many of the key creative decisions during the dining halls development.

Our team embarked on the creation of a venue that would both extend our existing work on luxury food halls like Depachika in the United Arab Emirates, but also challenge us to deliver what would mark a “first-of-its-kind” in Riyadh.

A space that would allow Saudi culture, long characterised by conservatism and tradition, to open up to a watching world increasingly curious to know more.

At some point in this journey, it was also that the concept of ‘social dining’ emerged as something that brought together not just our approach to design, but also the significance of the space as a venue that would have the power to bring people together in a shared and inclusive environment.

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The concept is not just a food hall—we created a new kind of space and place for Social Dining, which is about giving people an opportunity to engage with others, to share conversations, to share the same entertainment, and, to have fun as a community.

- Gabriel Murray, Creative Director at TGP International

On one level there was careful focus on delivering a luxurious and elegant interpretation of the classic food hall model influenced by the classic Mediterranean market concept, but we knew it had to be so much more than this too.

It had to balance the identity and interests of local culture with global F&B trends, bringing elements such as casual dining, convenience, and a genuine diversity of flavours.

It also had to be a space for cross-demographic mixing, sharing, and discovery. A space for social dining. And these thoughts and considerations are what guided each and every decision we made when working on Al Mamlaka.


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Al Mamlaka Social Dining spans 2,400 square meters and boasts 21 distinct dining experiences, featuring 8 new-to-market brands that showcase a blend of established names and emerging talents.

A huge part of designing the space was leading with an open kitchen approach that would draw the gaze of diners towards the excitement and energy involved in food preparation, adding to the overall theatre of the space and showcasing a unique style of entertainment.

We created the brand based on the idea of bringing different food experiences, and people, together to embody the concept of rustic elegance.

- Raquel Camino Senior Interior Designer at TGP International

With these 21 different kitchens spaces, we sub-divided the guest journey into four distinct areas, each with its own unique identity; Coffee and Breakfast, the International Collection, Deli Dining and Destination Restaurants—all held together by a consistent theme of materiality and vibrance.

Given the importance of creating a venue that represented local interests and culture, a selection of distinctly Saudi offerings, chefs and brands were given prominence at the venues entrance.

This would also serve as a proud local symbol to international travellers experiencing the city for their first time, or, relearning it following a period of major transformation for the nation.

Flexibility for change and the ability for venue managers to implement themed rotations was also embedded in the design, allowing events, pop-ups, and kitchen takeovers to offer another level of experience to visitors.

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Overlooking the gardens outside, we felt it important to create an indoor-outdoor narrative and usher in natural greenery, which would also flow throughout the interior design plan through soothing natural colour pallets, shades of green, curated materials and textures like rattan and wood, as well as a variety of indoor plants.

When opened, the 8m bi-folding door would give to the outdoor terrace where a 27m fascia seamlessly integrates the two spaces and establishes an alfresco dining experience and a harmonious blend of authentic nature and interior design.

Meanwhile, a diverse seating experience, including low banquette seats as well as traditional table set-ups and counter options, creates a playful yet sophisticated atmosphere that gives diners the choice to eat in a space that matches their occasion and mood.


We envisioned a space that captures the crisp freshness of mornings and the revitalising charm of afternoons, all while transitioning effortlessly into an atmosphere of refined elegance as the evening unfolds—enhanced by the warm glow of rustic lighting and the inviting allure of deep, rich tones.

This flexibility, we believed, was needed to allow guests freedom to come to Al Mamlaka and find an adaptable space that would match a range of activities, company or mood, throughout various moments in the day.

This was complemented by the sheer variety of food offerings, from fine dining style plate options to indulgent deserts and delicatessen offerings, with interior design features also changing to throughout the venue to match the type of cuisine being served in each of the four major zones.


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To add a touch of global mastery, we curated the involvement of five award-winning chefs, offering up to 5,000 daily diners a unique culinary offering.

The open-kitchen format was celebrated to add an interactive element to the dining experience, promoting transparency, storytelling, communal eating, and bonding within the community.

A powerful feature we’ve seen appeal to diners at our other locations such as Alkebulan, the world’s first African food hall, we wanted to integrate live cooking stations and counter service to offer the kind of real-time entertainment we believed would encourage interactively at Al Mamlaka.

This also provided the opportunity for food workshops and guest participation, further transforming the space into a hub of entertainment, social interaction and community engagement.

Importantly, the venue serves as a platform for sustainable hospitality too, championing local talent and skills. It was built into the concept that the venue would source the best of local suppliers and materials, whether this was the locally sourced stone-made terrazzo countertops or various marbles featured throughout the venue.


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When considering the way the brand would be manifested through graphic design and the several digital touchpoints that customers may encounter the restaurant, we felt it important to incorporate this same idea of openness, inclusiveness and the celebration of “free-range” culture and nature.

Avoiding styles or patterns that that were too heavily drawn from specific cultures, we wanted to imbue the brand mark and our branding guidelines with a contemporary and unique feeling. And our use of a notched line was chosen to instil a sense of journeying to a new and exciting world of social dinning.

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That said, we also took inspiration from traditional food brand logos through the broken shape that establishes a lozenge icon, reminiscent of heritage food brands—also intended to suggest the sense of journeying into the universe of social dining.


The success of this project has helped to define the way we approach all our work at TGP going forward. Knowing how important it is to align design decisions with a core concept that takes into consideration the local culture and mood of the times is something we keep in mind when approaching everything in our 360-degrees service offering, from advisory to interior design.

In the case of Al Mamalaka Social Dining, it was imperative that our concept and execution seamlessly fused local and global influences, bringing this all together under a design philosophy founded on community, diversity, and a sense of belonging for each and every guest that passes through.

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In a feature on Hotel & Catering News Middle East Daniel Morgan, Partner at TGP International, shared: “We are thrilled with the overwhelming public response to the launch of Al Mamlaka Social Dining, and delighted to bring to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a unique dining concept with an amazing depth of brands never experienced in the region before.

“Whether by welcoming the region’s food enthusiasts to try an unfamiliar brand, inviting expats and tourists for a taste of home, or supporting talented local and global chefs, TGP International is proud to foster a sense of connection with our surrounding community and we look forward to the growth of Al Mamlaka Social Dining as an iconic social destination.”

Commenting on the launch of Al Mamlaka Social Dining, Nada Saleh Al Ateegi, Chairman at Kingdom Investment and Development Company said: “With Saudi Arabia’s dining landscape undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by Saudi Vision 2030 and the national tourism strategy, our goal was to create a unique, experience-led, and highly social dining destination in Riyadh.

We are thrilled to welcome guests to Al Mamlaka Social Dining to witness the array of first-to-market venues that we have selected from all over the world.

We are also delighted to be pioneers in the Kingdom’s rapidly evolving F&B space and to support local culinary talent and advance the regeneration of the wonderful national landmark that is Kingdom Centre.”


Although a team effort, with support sourced from across the company, a few pivotal players in the conception and delivery of this incredible venue were Raquel Camino Garcia, Gabriel Murrey, Jemina Louise Adewole, Georges Saiby, Claire Richmond, Vinoth Mudaliar, Wajdi Hmmouda, Magdalene Sylvie Welch, Laura Vaglio, Cheryl Sheppard, Georges Gkolemas and Daniel Morgan.

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