The Highmore
The Highmore

Concept and interior design development for a gentlemen’s club that is not just for gentlemen


The Highmore is a space inspired by the member’s clubs of Manhattan and London, as a secluded space for the elite to relax and socialise.  

In line with this inspiration, The Penthouse club is a collection of spaces with different moods, including The Main Lounge, The Games Room, The Private Room, The Library and The Terrace & Garden.  

The style of food is luxurious comfort food. The cuisine direction for all year round is predominantly New York brasserie classics, re-formatted for a light portion with some local and international twists for interest. The desserts menu takes the same direction allowing people to enjoy any time of the day. 

The Highmore’s beverage offering is built around quality, from the ice we use to the drinks we serve, we are offering a product that is hard to find elsewhere. Our drinks are a modern take on classic inspiration. 


TGP Services:

- Market Study

- Brand Curation

- Branding 

- Concept Development

- Interior Design


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