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We’re thrilled to announce that for the second year running, we’ve been named in the The Sunday Times Best Places to work list for medium-sized businesses!

Analysing over 70,000 organisations by the employee experience specialist WorkL, this year’s survey revealed intriguing insights into and how employees feel at work across the UK.

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The survey featured 26 questions from WorkL’s employee engagement survey, curated by a collection of academics, business leaders, behavioural scientists and psychologists.

These questions, touching on different aspects of the employee experience, combine to build a holistic sense of how happy and engaged employees are at work. Key prompts employees were ask to respond to included:

  • I am happy with the hours I work

  • I am fairly paid

  • I am recognised when I do something well

  • I do something worthwhile

  • I feel proud to work for my organisation

  • Information is regularly and openly shared with me

  • I have enough information (and training) to do my job

  • My views are heard at work

  • I understand the organisation’s plan

  • I am trusted to make decisions

  • I have what I need to do my job well

  • My employer cares for my wellbeing

  • I rarely feel anxious or depressed about work

  • I feel happy at work

  • I am treated with respect

  • I have a good relationship with my manager

  • I am being developed

  • I work in a well-run organisation



To be successfully accredited as a Sunday Times Best Place to Work, organisations must achieve a minimum 70 per cent overall engagement score. And to do this, an organisation must score well across WorkL’s six-step framework:

1. Reward and Recognition

2. Instilling Pride

3. Information Sharing

4. Empowerment

5. Wellbeing

6. Job Satisfaction


WorkL’s research found that Gen Z workers – aged 27 and under – are the least happy of all age groups, highlighting feelings of disconnection from their colleagues and employers, as well as a lack of confidence in their managers. As much as 29 per cent were recorded as “looking for the exit door”.

Lord Mark Price, founder of WorkL and former managing director of Waitrose and deputy chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, suggests Covid-enforced home-working and the cost-of-living crisis have hit young people hard, causing their mental health to suffer.

“They were trapped in their bedrooms and now they are going to work and not spending lots of time with work colleagues face to face and are having to learn remotely.”

“They are not having the opportunities that other generations have had to learn through osmosis and build relationships, and that is having an impact on their wellbeing. They feel detached. Some Gen Z employees have told us they started with a company three or four months ago and have never met anybody face to face.”

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