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A modern take on the Italian-American steakhouse tradition

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Quality Italian is a modern take on the Italian-American steakhouse tradition. It references the flavors, style, and tableside flair of this classic genre with unique design and food that appeals to today’s diner.
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Continuing the tradition of sister restaurant Quality Meats, Quality Italian references oldworld butcher shops in its unique design, drawing inspiration from the traditional butcher guilds found throughout Italy. These guilds were responsible for maintaining quality control for the meat sold throughout the country, and at Quality Italian, internationally renowned design firm AvroKO references the significant role these institutions had in Italian culture and tradition in each of the restaurants.
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TGP Team and Support Offered

With the help of Chef Nick Gaube and Head Barman Bryan Schneider and the Team at TGP International, partners will be offered the following support: Market Study, Pre-opening, Franchise ready pack, Menu Curation, Marketing launch plan.
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The typical demographic of Quality Italian includes the following segments: Business professionals, Couples, Groups of friends, Families, Millennials & gen z.
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"It's almost the two quintessential Italian-American dishes: chicken parm and pizza." Nick Gaube Quality Italian

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