Incense Road
Incense Road

Operating the first ever ‘Story-Telling’ dining event at AlUla, inspired by the legacy and luxury of the Incense Road

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The Incense Road dining experience is a first of its kind, inspired by the legacy and luxury of the Incense Road that once connected AlUla’s ancient Arabian kingdoms with the great civilisations of antiquity. Over six specially curated courses, diners were immersed through sound, smell, sight and taste.

The Incense Road Dining Experience was a multi-sensorial event that brings to life the rich legacies of the ancient Incense Road, taking visitors to the time when Hegra was at the height of its power – AlUla’s once bustling city presided over by the Nabataeans, who once controlled the routes of passage that enabled the trade of incense and other luxurious items coveted by the contemporary civilisations of their time, including ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Egyptian dynasties.

Stories from the Incense Road were built around each course and brought to life through a 360-degree immersive audio-visual projection, sharing inspired stories of traders and historical icons, paired with exquisite food, drinks, and an evolving incense scent-scape.

The event took place in a custom-built tent at Nakhil Brzan Farm, housed in a vast communal table, interpreting the ancient gathering places of the Nabataeans at Hegra into a contemporary luxury setting.

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