Ghostburger, a beloved burger joint founded by a couple of guys from Philly, offers “Good burgers, good South Philly cheesesteaks, good South Philly Italian cocktails, and a whole lot of love.”

We had the pleasure of adapting the Ghostburger brand for its first entry into the GCC, bringing its unique charm to Expo City Dubai through Philly Jawn by Ghostburger—a concept deeply rooted in its original form and showcasing the same personality, energy and fun as its stateside venues.


Drawing from its origin story and staying true to the brand’s key pillars that made it famous, TGP helped Ghostburger prepare for its new home at Expo City Dubai. Our mission was to support its positioning for a new audience and design a space that would highlight the best qualities of the original concept.



Ghostburger began as a ghost kitchen in Washington D.C., a “pandemic pivot” that quickly became a staple in the city, with President Biden being an early patron. Your irreverent neighbourhood burger and sandwich joint, the concept embodies the soul of Philadelphia with its funky product names and easy-going ambiance.

To prepare the brand for Expo City Dubai, we tapped into its roots while emphasising key elements that would resonate in the new venue. This involved incorporating the passion of the founders in every element of the menu, such as the relentless pursuit of the perfect burger and sandwich; and insistence on amazing vegetarian options, as well as nothing less than an excellent drinks list.

Philly Jawn by Ghostburger

Key visual components such as pink walls, neon signs, an open diner-style kitchen bar, and unique pictures of the ‘homeland’ capture the brand's essence at its new home at Expo City Dubai.

As well as elements that would induce a sense of nostalgia and the brand’s iconic mascot, the concept’s service delivery further underscores Philly Jawn by Ghostburger’s funky, easy-going aesthetic, mirroring the customer experience of its original Washington D.C. location.


Philly Jawn 1

From its humble beginnings, Ghostburger quickly became a Washington D.C. staple, with President Biden as an early patron. Now, at Expo City Dubai, Ghostburger has become a favourite among locals, emerging as one of the top venues during major international events like COP28.

Just as always, the brand’s recipes and funky product names embody the soul of Philadelphia while the restaurant space maintains the same relaxed ambiance established by its passionate owners.

Today, Philly Jawn is now a key brand partner in TGP’s franchise portfolio, offering high-impact, high-quality burgers and sandwiches built around incredibly efficient operations. An amazing addition to the fast-casual scene in the UAE and beyond, investors now have chance to join the Ghostburger journey!

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Thank you to the project team who helped bring Philly Jawn by Ghostburger to life: Jemina Adewole, Maddy McLeary and Gabriel Murray.

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