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Written by Omar Hamed, Franchise and Business Development Manager

Restaurant franchising has attracted the interest of property developers, private investors, government entities, hotel groups and more. However, there remains a degree of uncertainty among some regarding how to fully capitalise on the potential of F&B franchise opportunities.

Below are some insider tips from TGP Business Development and Franchise Manager, Mohamed Omar.

Assess Brand Potential

Brand is one of the major drivers of franchise success. As well as investing in a franchise with strong existing brand recognition, it’s important to understand how brands will meet the evolving preferences and needs of consumers in the future.

This means considering how an F&B brand taps into broader societal trends, such as the move towards healthier and plant-based offerings or the desire for more social and relaxed food in up-market settings.

Industry Expertise

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Investors should either possess knowledge of the F&B sector or partner with professionals who do.

Understanding industry nuances, trends, and operational challenges is instrumental in making informed investment decisions.

This is even more crucial when doing businesses in new markets or places where the landscape is constantly changing, such as the Middle East.

Evaluate the Franchise Support System

A great deal of planning is needed when starting a restaurant, even when there is an existing brand and business model to follow.

This makes it crucial to evaluate the support system provided by the franchisor. A robust training program, knowledge base, operational assistance, marketing support, and ongoing guidance can make or break a franchise investment.

Match Your Investment with Your Goals

This might be an obvious statement, but not all F&B concepts are perfect for all venues or portfolios, whether it’s a hotel, mall, or multi-purpose property development. When choosing a franchise brand, consider what you need it to achieve.

This requires understanding the local demographic, competition, and consumer trends. Examining the demand for specific cuisines or dining experiences within the target location provides crucial insights for choosing the right franchise concept.

If you’re unsure about any of the above, it’s even more important to work with industry professionals and consultants who can advise you when making a decision.

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Learn from Others

We have an amazing ecosystem of franchise brands, chefs, restaurateurs, F&B operators and franchise investors. One of the most useful things we can help our clients with is giving them access to the kind of first-hand knowledge and insights they can’t get anywhere else.

As with all things, learning from those who have already made mistakes and are able to share with you their key takeaways and advice is hugely beneficial—allowing new investors to minimise risk in a new venture such as franchise investment.

Be Selective

There are many ways to discover potential franchising opportunities today, including attending franchise events or reviewing online directories.

However, when it comes to finding the right fit for your goals, engaging with a consultancy who can showcase curated options for you based on your preferences and investment criteria, in addition to guiding you through the process, is a way to fast track the process, from brand selection right through to actual implementation of the concept, and even operations.

In the end, a great F&B brand is nothing if it can’t be brought to life in a way that does justice to the core concept, making it both attractive to consumers and profitable as an asset.

Recommended Franchise Opportunities


There’s a huge amount of franchise opportunities on the market and I would recommend searching for a brand that matches the needs of your portfolio or personal investment goals. However, a few options TGP International is the most excited about in 2024 are:

1. Philly Jawn by Ghost Burger

Philly Jawn, launched in Dubai by restaurateurs Josh and Kelly Phillips in partnership with TGP international, draws from the expertise and success of the acclaimed Ghostburger brand from Washington.

Offering high impact, high quality burger and sandwiches built around incredibly efficient operations, this is an amazing addition to the fast-casual scene—giving customers superior burger quality in a refined and on-trend setting.

2. Floozie Cookies

Floozie Cookies opened their first pop-up store in Covent Garden in December 2020 but has since gone global, offer best-in-class vegan stuffed cookies that have received a huge amount of attention on social media. It is now a growing popular brand in the Middle East through its operations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

3. El Ta'koy

A brand new concept from the renowned Ches Luis A. Pous, El Takoy stands out as the elevated dining destination whether in London, New York, Miami, Riyadh or beyond--curating an eclectic gastronomic experience of Hawaiian street food fused with inspired dishes from Asia to Latin America. 

To learn more about franchising or to discuss current market opportunities, get in touch!

Written by Omar Hamed, Franchise and Business Development Manager


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