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A multi-product and multi-channel confectionery brand that creates to inspire where art meets design and design meets art, where one can use their imagination to create, interact and discover

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Chef Janice Wong started her first dessert restaurant, 2am:dessertbar, in Singapore in 2007. In 2014, the Janice Wong Singapore brand was formally established to market a wide range of confectionery products, including custom chocolate bon bons, cakes and ice-cream. The company has kept up with consumer preferences and has increasingly focused leveraging digital channels to engage with its customers in the recent years. These digital channels contribute significantly to the retail business today and Janice now creates bespoke concepts to fulfil clients needs.
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Janice Wong Singapore truly embraces food technology and innovation. Chef Janice Wong’s efforts in experimenting with ingredients, cooking techniques and machines led to creations of edible art, 3D printed chocolates and others, which in turn kickstarted a flurry of activities that saw the business expanding to the international stage. Looking ahead, besides bringing new confectionery concepts to the market, Janice Wong Singapore will continue pushing the boundaries and integrate new food technologies and innovations in the product offerings. Janice Wong Singapore is currently present in Singapore, Japan and London.
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TGP Team and Support Offered

With the help of Chef Janice Wong and the Team at TGP International, partners will be given a franchise ready pack, brand guidelines and marketing guidance and can also be offered additional services such as design and concept development.
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The typical demographic of Janice Wong Singapore includes the following segments: Business professionals, Couples , Groups of friends, Families, Local residents.
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"Your world is your imagination." Chef Janice Wong Janice Wong Singapore

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