Mons Catering by TGP International: Elevating Culinary Excellence

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Embarking on a new culinary journey, Mons Catering emerges as the official catering partner of Expo City Dubai, the distinguished venue for COP28 UAE. This venture is set to build upon the rich history of TGP International, a global 360° agency with over two decades of experience in catering to world-renowned events.

A Legacy of Culinary Expertise

With a legacy that includes collaboration with Michelin Star chefs and culinary professionals, TGP International has established itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive 360° services. A standout accomplishment is the seamless management of all events and catering at Expo 2020 Dubai, where the company orchestrated over 650 events, serving an impressive 20,000 covers.

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Culinary Adventures Beyond Borders

TGP International's footprint extends beyond the UAE, notably in Saudi Arabia. The delivery of "Forces of Nature," a unique dining experience in AlUla, showcased the agency's ability to craft exceptional experiences. Set against dramatic canyons, this pop-up concept featured delicacies cooked over a molten lava stream at an astonishing 1,350 degrees Celsius. Another captivating endeavor was "The Incense Road" at AlUla, narrating the historical route that connected AlUla’s ancient Arabian kingdoms with the greatest civilizations on earth.

The agency further bolstered its international presence by being the catering partner for Red Sea Global’s 2022 Celebration of Women in Film Festival and GQ Men of the Year Awards in Riyadh. It played a pivotal role in developing the F&B and events strategy for Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

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Dubai's Culinary Extravaganza

Back in the UAE, TGP International took center stage in orchestrating the catering for the popular "Hai Ramadan" activation at Expo City Dubai in 2023. This included a vast communal table experience winding through the Mobility District, an Iftar within the iconic Surreal waterfall catering to 400 guests daily, and a myriad of food trucks and pop-up restaurants curated by Dubai’s finest chefs. The team also spearheaded the successful launch of Harrods Bespoke Catering Services in London.


Mons Catering: A Culinary Marvel

Mons Catering, the latest addition to TGP International's portfolio, not only features an in-house team of talented chefs but also grants access to Assembly, PXB, Alkebulan, and Al Wasl Plaza Café, along with other world-class F&B offerings within Expo City Dubai. This unique positioning empowers Mons Catering to craft bespoke menu offerings, inviting external clients to host events in any of the on-site restaurant venues. The catering service further extends its allure with an array of inspiring event spaces available for hire across Expo City Dubai.

These include the bright, airy, and picturesque top floors of Alkebulan overlooking the iconic Surreal fountain, standalone event spaces like the Oasis food hall (with a private dining room, chefs counter, and beautiful restaurant space), the third floor of the majestic Belgium Pavilion, and the restaurant and terrace of Café Milano.

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Leadership Perspectives

Simon Wright, Founder & Chairman of TGP International, expresses his enthusiasm for the launch of Mons Catering, stating, “The launch of Mons Catering represents a strategically significant milestone, offering our clientele the exceptional culinary artistry, top-tier service, and unmatched refinement that we are recognized for. We are delighted to be the official catering partner for Expo City Dubai, allowing us to cater at COP28, an event of monumental significance in the UAE's history.”

Hicham Hankir, Country Manager at Mons Catering, adds, “Mons Catering launches with a mission to set a new standard of catering services in the Middle East. By selecting the finest chefs from across the globe, we aim to provide extraordinary bespoke menus that go above and beyond guest expectations catering to COP28 and many of Expo City Dubai’s events.”


Innovation in Every Bite

Mons Catering distinguishes itself through a commitment to innovation, evident in its continuous push for groundbreaking ideas and recipes. Currently accepting bookings for its festive menu, Mons Catering invites patrons to experience something truly unique at Expo City Dubai. Whether it's a company gathering in one of the unique event spaces or a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience within the Al Wasl Dome or at the Surreal fountains, Mons Catering promises a feast for the senses.

The festive menu is a testament to Mons Catering's culinary prowess, featuring delicate starters like Truffle foie gras on raspberry macaroons, robust Robata grill stations serving lamb chop stocks, Angus sirloin steaks, Wagyu sliders, and an array of succulent meats. The experience is rounded off with sweet pass-arounds such as gluten-free chocolate and chia jam mini-Christmas cakes. The Mons Catering festive menu is not just a meal; it's an enhanced sharing-style dining experience, characterized by its uniqueness, bold flavors, and vibrant culinary artistry.

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Culinary Excellence Redefined

TGP International's foray into the world of catering with Mons Catering not only reflects its commitment to excellence but also sets a new standard for culinary experiences in the Middle East. As the official catering partner for Expo City Dubai, Mons Catering is poised to make an indelible mark on COP28 UAE and various events within Expo City Dubai, contributing to the region's reputation as a global hub for landmark events and iconic dining experiences.

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