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TGP International Was shortlisted FOR mult-dicipline consultancy of the year

Established as the ‘touchstone’ awards of construction consultancy, this year the event raises the bar still further, in order to generate stronger, more innovative entries – fully doing justice to the sector’s champions and change-makers. 

Ranging from the Metaverse Architectural Company of the Year to C-Suite Executive of the Year, the diversity of the categories aims to represent all the companies and individuals playing a vital role in the industry.

The TGP International team were shortlisted in the Multi Discipline Consultancy Of The Year category for their 360° services, which include F&B masterplanning, market studies, advisory servicesconcept development, restaurant interior design, project management, operational & asset management, events catering, and franchising & licensing opportunities. There was special mention given to the recently opened Al Mamlaka Social Dining, Saudi Arabia's first social dining hall concept, how open in Riyadh's Kingdom Centre Tower.  

Al Mamlaka Social Dining Riyadh
Al Mamlaka Social Dining 

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About TGP International

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Formed in 2002, TGP International is a global agency for the hospitality and food retail market dedicated to providing straight forward 360° solutions for an ever evolving industry, with offices in the UK & Europe, USA and across the GCC.

Drawing upon the team’s vast experience and skill base, TGP offers advisory services, concept development, interior design, franchising & licensing, operational and asset management. With a dedicated award-winning in-house design studio, TGP brings a unique multi disciplined approach to hospitality, creating world-class customer experiences through the teams experience, expertise, innovation and passion.


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